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Restore Balance and Musculoskeletal well being.

Richard L. Van Buskirk, D.O., Ph.D.
2900 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34239
(941) 924-1729

What Does FAAO Stand For?

What is the Still Technique?







What is Osteopathic Medicine?

Osteopathic physicians (DOs) use the same methods of diagnosis and treatment as MDs, but are trained to place additional emphasis on the achievement of normal body mechanics to restore and maintain good health.

Treatment of musculoskeletal problems includes the use of manipulation, as well as use of medication and surgery where appropriate. Up until the 1970s, virtually all osteopathic physicians continued to include osteopathic manipulation as part of their treatment of most patients.

Most people with musculoskeletal pain, injury or restriction can be helped by neuromusculoskeletal medicine. Most of Dr. Van Buskirk’s patients have acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain, including disorders of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and nerves. Patients include athletes, “weekend warriors” and victims of motor vehicle accidents.

Headaches, back, neck and hip pain, whether from arthritis, disc problems or trauma, are commonly seen and treated. Joint dislocations and problems with thumbs, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and feet are commonly encountered and most of the time readily treated without resort to surgery. Even arthritic problems like bursitis and tendinitis are routinely evaluated and treated. Peripheral nerve problems like sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as some neurological movement disorders are evaluated, and where necessary referred on to the relevant medical specialty.

In most cases, the intent is to provide an alternative to surgery. Dr. Van Buskirk seeks to restore the balance, flexibility, strength, and energy efficiency inherent in the human body.

Dr. Van Buskirk's The Still Technique Manual was published in 1999 and is presently the primary text for teaching this technique in medical schools around the world. Currently in its Second Edition.


Balancing the neural and musculoskeletal systems triggers the body’s own healing mechanisms. Dr. Van Buskirk also uses lifestyle modifications, exercise and stretch prescriptions, medications and injections to restore neural and musculoskeletal health. When the nature of the problem is such as to require surgical or other specialty intervention, the osteopathic neuromusculoskeletal specialist refers to patient on to another specialist.

“Not everyone will get great results, but most will get good results,” Dr. Van Buskirk says. “It is very gratifying to see improvements immediately and demonstrably. Very few other forms of medicine or surgery can see dramatic results before the patient even walks out the door.”

What Does FAAO Stand for?

FAAO stands for Fellowship in the American Academy of Osteopathy, which is a doctoral-level honor requiring an extensive examination and thesis. To date, there are approximately 70 living fellows. My background also includes a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Duke University, with eight-years of post-graduate brain and Neuromusculoskeletal research, undergraduate and graduate teaching a the University level and at two medical schools.

What is the Still Technique?

The Still Technique is a gentle, non-traumatic and specific musculoskeletal manipulative method of restoring normal range of motion.

Over 100-years ago, Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., D.O., was a physician and the father of osteopathic medicine, as well as, the found of the first college of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Still founded a philosophy of medicine based upon ideas that date back to Hippocrates. The philosphy focuses on the unity of all body parts. He identified the musculoskeletal system as a key element of health and recognized the body's ability to heal itself, stressed preventive medicine, eating properly and keeping fit.

I was instrumental in the rediscovery and redevelopment of this manipulative method.  In 1999, my text, The Still Technique Manual, detailing the rediscovery and its applications was published and is the primary text for teaching this technique in medical schools around the world.



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